Who We Are

Entertainment Direct is a multi-platform public relations hub that provides its clients with the most essential element all artists require if they're going to succeed... piece of mind.

It's no secret that the music industry has changed dramatically over the last 15-20 years. No one can deny the reality that any modern genre- whether it's EDM, Hip Hop, or Pop- is unrecognizable in comparison to its pioneering predecessor. But despite the ever-changing names and sounds of today's music, there will always be one common denominator that has the power to make or break an artist regardless of their talent, or their popularity... and that is their brand.

Entertainment Direct prides itself on its ability to work intimately with each client, regardless of where they are in their career, to help create or evolve their brand in a way that isn't just marketable, but undeniable.

We understand this industry, and we know how demanding it is on all artists. And it's that understanding that separates Entertainment Direct from the rest- we don't merely build on the success our clients currently enjoy, instead, we welcome the opportunity to take on the challenges they face head on:

o   Artist Progression Management

o   Full Circle PR Campaigns

o   Viral & Blog Campaigns

o   Red Carpet/Premiers/Events RSVP

o   Single/Album Promotion to Radio/Mixshows

o   Project Strategy & Profile Development

o   Press, Artist Features & Interviews

o   Targeted Social Media Campaigns & Growth Management

o   Vast & Versatile Industry & Media Contacts

o   Radio Series/Podcast Promotion & Syndication

o   Artist Biographies & EPK Design

o   Record Label Services

o   Crisis Management & Reputation Repair

o   Copywriting Services

The Entertainment Direct team isn't just loyal; they're innovative, they're intelligent, and they're relentless. The way we see it, you're the talent, you're the artist. So go make the art only you know how to make.

We'll handle the rest.